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JAWS scripts for Spotify Blind Accessibility
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Last Updated: April 14 2014

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Spotify Blind Translators Needed

Spotify Blind is already translated into Swedish, French, and Danish. If you'd like to get a free copy of Spotify Blind, Download the language pack.

What do JAWS scripts for Spotify Blind do?

Spotify Blind aims to make the popular online music subscription service available to the blind. You can search through millions on songs at your fingertips. You can create playlists, and download them to your computer to go mobile with your music. Find it all in one place. Please join the beta list below to contribute to the development of Spotify Blind accessibility.
Spotify accessibility is a mere dream to have it available to the blind community. Luckily I have ways of granting wishes much like the tooth fairy. Spotify for the blind and visually impaired has come a long way and will continue to get better. Without the spotify JAWS scripts, you can barely do anything. Lucky enough, they use colors that I can track. Music for the blind and visually impaired combined with this accessibility script gives you the freedom to listen to music for free, on demand. These scripts for JAWS work well and can at least enable you to create your own playlists for party time or workouts. So pumnp those biceps and rock out to the #1 music subscription service in the world.

To hear a short demonstration of the script in action Click Here
Join the mailing list for Spotify Blind by mailing to SpotifyBlindBeta-request@freelists.org and put the word subscribe in the subject. After this, you may mail to SpotifyBlindBeta@freelists.org and receive messages on this message board through your email.
Click here to find out more about what features Spotify Blind has to offer

Download Instructions

Spotify Blind now charges a one time fee of $9.95. This includes all updates and even works with upgrading JAWS as the registration key is tied to the JAWS serial. Please help contribute to the project.
You will find a linkk to the Spotify program and a separate download for the Spotify Blind setup.
Don't forget to visit Sound Taxi Blind for a wonderful music download converter to upload any music to your favorite blind accessible MP3 device.
Spotify Blind is protected under: Creative Commons Licensing.
Click here for Version Releases and Bug Fixes
If you have not signed up for a free account, please Click Here
To Change languages once Spotify is active, use control + Alt + L.
Reminder: Spotify Blind now charges a one time fee of $9.95 to help keep the project going. Thanks for your contribution!
To purchase the software, install the scripts, open the program and follow the registration instructions.
download Spotify Blind 3.0.3
download Spotify Blind in Zip format
Click here for the Spotify Music program.

Software Features

The script makes it easy to remember how to perform tasks without needing to memorize a long list of shortcuts. With the quick key menu, it performs the task for you and helps you to remember common keys. With Spotify Blind, you don't need to press strange keyboard combinations as the keys are set up to perform common tasks without moving your position much.
  • Quickly search through millions of songs in the Spotify Database.
  • Choose what song you want to hear and hit enter.
Click here to proceed to the download

Compatibility and Requirements

This script successfully tested with the following platforms and versions:
  • JAWS for Windows 11 through 15
  • Microsoft Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8 - 32 and 64 bit

Change Log, Updates, Upgrades, and Bug Fixes

Spotify Blind 3.0.3 Bug fixes
  • Fixed the search results to speak and announce if the search returns something
  • Better handled up and down arrows in lists.
  • Better handled the source list items.
Spotify Blind 3.0.0 Major overhaul
  • Saved the spotify blind project to work with the new spotify
Spotify Blind 2.1.5 addition
  • Added braille support
Spotify Blind 2.1.4 bug fix
  • Increased speed of up and down arrows.
Spotify Blind 2.1.3 bug fix
  • Corrected navigating in sources and lists
Spotify Blind 2.1.2 Bug fix
  • Fixed a bug when searching where the search results won't come up.
Spotify Blind 2.1.1 Bug fix
  • Fixed bug when selecting a different language with different jaws language running
Spotify Blind 2.1.0 Bug fix
  • Fixed searching for songs when you hit the enter key
Spotify Blind 2.0.8 Bug fixes
  • Fixed the Home, end, page up, and page down keys.
  • Fixed up and down arrows to speak the right info.
Spotify Blind 2.0.6 Upgrade
  • Added ability to fast forward and rewind.
Spotify Blind 2.0.5 Bug fixes
  • Fixed some source issues when navigating
  • Added support for clicking buttons with tabbing and the enter key.
Spotify Blind 2.0.3 Bug Fix
  • Fixed the issue when searching through lists to use find colors unless it is running windows 8.
Spotify Blind 2.0.2 upgrade
  • Conformed to FS coding practices
  • Increased arrowing speed
Spotify Blind 2.0.0 Update and Fixes
  • Added support for windows 8
  • Completely changed the color find system
  • Made tabbing faster and better on the login screen
  • Added support for JHome, End, Page Up, and Page down keys
  • Fixed the source access
Spotify Blind 1.9.4
  • Bug fix and swedish translation updated.
Spotify Blind 1.9.2 Bug fix
  • Changed the name of the sidebar value to make the sidebar accessible again due to spotify changes.
Spotify Blind 1.9.1 Bug fix
  • Fixed the playlists to read again.
Spotify Blind 1.9.0 Bug fixes
  • Fixed colors for the entire color change.
  • Fixed the tab key to put you in the list and announce the item.
  • Fixed the color changes to be easier in the future.
Spotify Blind 1.8.5 Bug fixes
  • Fixed color changes for play que, playlists, searches, and top tracks.
  • Added a log off for swedish users.
Spotify Blind 1.7.9 Bug fixes
  • Fixed the color change for searching tracks.
  • Fixed the auto update and a typo in the buy now window.
Spotify Blind 1.7.9 Bug Fix
  • Fixed the auto update feature
Spotify Blind 1.7.4 Updates
  • Updated French and Swedish languages.

Spotify Blind 1.7.3 Additions and fixes
  • Added French language.
  • Added Swedish language
  • Fixed bug in the search shortcuts.
  • Fixed bug in element detection.
  • Fixed bug in sources shortcut.

Spotify Blind 1.6.8 Additions
  • Added Home, End, Page up, and page down keys.

Spotify Blind 1.6.7 Bug fix and update
  • Added the ability to move through the play queue.
  • Fixed bug in search shortcut that clears the text.

Spotify Blind 1.6.5 Bug Fixes
  • Fixed speaking the correct information when using the control + L new playlist shortcut.
  • Fixed the search box shorcut Control + Shift + E to clear the fields without messing up your search.

Spotify Blind 1.6.3 Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a delay in tabbing around.
  • Fixed first part of a track name getting cut off.
  • Fixed going to the sources and not responding.
  • Fixed double speak of going to the search box.
  • Fixed delay in typing in an edit field when tabbing or using the search shortcut.

Spotify Blind 1.5.8 Bug fixes and additions
  • Fixed bug in menus when left and right arrowing.
  • Fixed login screen elements to be spoken if you log off or get disconnected.
  • Added the accessibility of Top Lists.
  • Added shortcut to get to the sources list.
  • Added the speaking of elapsed time and total time.
  • Added the speaking of the current artist and track when skipping through songs with left and right arrow.
  • Added an alert if your search results returned nothing.
  • Added improved tabbing through source playlists and top tracks.

Spotify Blind 1.5.0 bug fixes and improvements
  • Added braille support
  • Added more functionality to the tabbing.
  • Added the information window with Control + shift + I.
  • Improved the up and down arrowing of lists.
  • Added detecting of elements that tell you where you are.
  • Added the ability to remember login information.
  • Added the control+L keystroke to find the search box without clearing it.
  • Improved the tabbed browsing to let you know what action to perform.
  • Improved the speed of clearing your search and going to the edit field.

Spotify Blind 1.4.2 Bug Fix
  • Fixed the next track right arrow to work instead of going prior.
  • Fixed the guides to work again.

Spotify Blind 1.4.0 Bug Fixes
  • Fixed dialog windows to be able to tab to them.
  • Fixed detecting edit fields and search box effectively.
  • Fixed graphics from being spoken.
  • Fixed the left and right arrows to move through edit fields and change the song.
  • Fixed element detection to include dialog windows.

Spotify Blind 1.3.5 Bug Fixes
  • Fixed the highlighting of tracks and source items.
  • Improved the tabbed navigation through the program.
  • Fixed the enter key to select items and allow you to application click or Shift + F10 for context menu.
  • Updated all guides and hotkeys.
  • Improved the script to detect where you are in the tabbed browsing.

Spotify Blind 1.3.0 Bug Fixes and improvements
  • Fixed the search box command to do extra checking if it doesn't engage.
  • Made the login screen much friendlier to navigate with the tab key.
  • Improved searching through songs with the up and down arrows.
  • Fixed random track changes during up and down arrowing.
  • Fixed the update Spotify Blind in the Quick keys menu.
  • Fixed the volume controls to not make the program behave erratic.
  • Made song skips and prior songs possible with the left and right arrow.
  • Fixed left and right arrow to work in edit fields.
  • Fixed application switching away from Spotify and going to the desktop.

Spotify Blind 1.0.9 Bug Fixes
  • Fixed the menus to speak properly
  • Enabled JAWS cursor navigation

Spotify Blind 1.0.7 Bug Fixes
  • Fixed navigating up and down lists.
  • Announces login information
  • Announces when a search is done.
  • Allows you to right click an item in the list.
  • Fixed the search box shortcut.
  • Fixed the mixer List shortcut Control + Shift + M.
  • Added update from within the script in the Insert + H menu.

Comments, Bugs, and Questions

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